Michelle Loupret


I’ve spent over 15 years in the global insurance industry across 2 countries, making my way into complex and niche insurance business.

After growing a 3 person agency into a national firm, I was craving more depth and in 2021 I set out to learn everything I could about communications and marketing.

I began consulting after experimenting with branding, writing, SEO, and social media. I began to work exclusively with people who help others to find direction, purpose, wellness, and strength: Career coaches, resume writers, HR strategists, personal trainers, and fitness coaches.

In 2023, I started working with global Creative Design and Marketing Agency, This is LD, as a business development consultant. Founded by digital nomad Lisa Eyo, This is LD champions life-changing innovations in Healthcare, Technology, Education, and Finance centred around social and ecological well-being.

Today, I’m continuing to diversify my career by bringing thoughtfully curated new skills into insurance.

From business development to art, from community love to communications, from insurance to career guidance: By allowing my specialties to grow alongside each other, each project benefits from unique vantage points.

When not parenting or working, I can be found in my art studio. My creative style can be described as elemental, experimental, and messy. A creative career is just as essential to a CEO as it is to a child to foster innovation and curiosity.

There are no rules. Don’t be afraid to explore many paths at once. A diversified career, if pursued with intention and built on a foundation of well-being, will ensure you’re always learning.